HQ Volunteer Training: Spring 2021

Congratulations! We’re excited you have decide to embark on this journey with your fellow trainees to become an HQ Volunteer Counselor. This training is intended to provide you with the tools and skills necessary to answer the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and local crisis line operated by Headquarters Counseling Center, a program of the Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ.

Course Information

During the entirety of training, we’ll use this platform to supplement virtual/ in-person training sessions. Here, you’ll find all training content, materials, assignments, reflections, and quizzes. Our goals in using this online course are to provide easily accessible information, foster connections with your trainers and peers, and to facilitate an engaging and meaningful experience. You’ll continue to have access to this course and its contents beyond training, and this platform will be used to get you the latest on-going training courses and relevant information.

Our Commitment to You

Becoming an HQ Volunteer is a unique training and volunteer experience. We ask a great deal of our volunteers and we wouldn’t be able to provide our 24/7 care to Kansans if it weren’t for our dedicated volunteers and volunteers in training. Therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to provide you with a safe and engaging training experience that prepares you with the skills and support necessary to do an incredibly challenging and rewarding job. We are committed to fostering a community and culture that upholds respect and dignity for every person who comes into contact with our organization the volunteers, staff, and supporters who make it whole. While we focus a great deal on education and skill-building during training, know that we believe your wellness and personal growth are primary to achieving our training and organizational goals.

Ring Ring: An HQ Podcast. Also found on Anchor here: https://anchor.fm/hq-ring-ring

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Section 1: Welcome

Section 2: Foundational Counseling Skills

Section 3: Life Experiences & Values

Section 4: Children & Teens

Section 5: Assertiveness Counseling Skills

Section 6: Suicide Intervention Part I

Section 7: Suicide Intervention Part II

Section 8: Self-Harm

Section 9: Suicidal Other

Additional Information & Resources

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