Warning signs of suicide

These warning signs may mean that someone is at risk of suicide. Risk is greater if a behavior is new or has increased and seems related to a painful event or loss

Immediate Warning Signs:

  • Talking or writing about suicide
  • Has a plan
  • Expressing hopelessness about the future
  • Making preparations for suicide (giving away belongings, writing a suicide note, looking for means to attempt suicide)

Other Warning Signs:

  • Unusual fatigue/more energy
  • Lack of concentration
  • Changes in hygiene
  • Increasing use of alcohol, drugs or other risky behavior
  • Increasingly agitated, anxious, sad, angry
  • Withdrawing from social activities
  • Spending more time alone or isolating
  • Experience of loss
  • Academic problems

If you think someone you know might be suicidal, ask directly,

“Are you thinking about suicide?”

If they answer yes:

  • Ask about a plan
  • Listen; threats about suicide must be taken seriously
  • Be non-judgmental and offer empathy
  • Do not leave them alone
  • Connect them with professional help
  • Continuously follow up
  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline with them, 1-800-273-8255

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