Headquarters, Inc. is now KSPHQ, or the Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ

Several years ago, Headquarters was restructured to include additional programs outside of the counseling center. The new organization name was Headquarters, Inc., the “parent organization,” (or “umbrella,” if you will) of Headquarters Counseling Center, the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center, and future programs, partnerships, and opportunities to serve where there is a community need.

To better serve the public, Headquarters, Inc. will become
KSPHQ, or the Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ–still the home of Headquarters Counseling Center and the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

What’s changing and what isn’t?

Not a lot has changed. KSPHQ still encompasses Headquarters Counseling Center and the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center. We still provide the same free and confidential services for all of Kansas while providing local services to the residents of Douglas County. We are still seeking to help others through new programs and partnerships as needs and opportunities arise.

Why the name change?

We will always call Lawrence and Douglas County home, but as the services of the organization and the needs of this and other communities grow, we seek to provide support for all Kansans. The name change and re-branding of the organization seeks to be more mission-forward and user-friendly. We hope that this name will offer clarity, and make it easier for individuals and communities who need access to education, support, and crisis services to find and get connected to help. Operationally, nothing is changing. In fact, even the name, KSPHQ, pays homage to our beginnings and 50-year history of serving others.

We hope that you are proud that Headquarters has consistently grown and adapted over the last 50 years to meet the needs of Lawrence, then all of Douglas County, all of Kansas, and sometimes even past our state borders. With your help, thousands more can find hope today for a better tomorrow.

In the coming weeks, almost a year of planning will come to fruition as we start the next chapter in the history of our now 50 1/2 years. Thank you for your kind generosity and thank you for your support of others.