Introducing the NEW HOME OF HQ!

Welcome to the new home of Headquarters Counseling Center and the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center.


The new KSPHQ might not look like much from the outside, but lives will be saved here.

In moving to the new HQ, we are able to make several much-needed upgrades. Make no mistake, this space is vital to the mission of Headquarters, Inc. and in the lives of the people we serve.

We need your help to make this dream come true. Please visit our Capital Campaign Page and make a donation for the future of Suicide Prevention in Kansas

KSPHQ Call CenterThe KSPHQ Takes our crisis call room from 150 sq. feet with 2 workstations and a futon to well over 400 square feet with 5 workstations, a sofa, and comfy chairs. The comfort of our volunteers is paramount as they should be in a low-stress environment to answer calls that, in many cases, are life and death.

The new call room will have advanced security for the overnight hours and a brand new VoIP phone system with advanced capabilities that don’t keep volunteer counselors tethered to their desk.

therapy KSPHQ also has 3 counseling rooms including 2 dedicated rooms for our student clinic. Here clients can receive longer-term counseling from master-level students from the KU School of Social Welfare.

Previously, our student interns used offices for counseling, frequently kicking out the staff who used that office.


The new break room/kitchen means that volunteer counselors don’t have to share the call room with the sink. The break room gives plenty of room for self-care and relaxation for volunteers between shifts and a place to take 5 when they need to.


The KSPHQ has 9 cubicles and 4 offices allowing everyone a quiet place to work. In our old workspace, up to 10 interns and staff could be squeezed into 1 workroom.

server room

Technology is so important. From online chat to phone counseling, technology is crucial to deliver services to those in need. Our new VoIP phone system, security system, high-speed internet is all housed in a dedicated server room with enough backup power to run everything for several hours. Previously, our “hub” was housed in a make-shift corner of the closet in the call room.