2019 Annual Report

From the Chair of the board of directors, Liz Gravatt:

Greetings, friends of Headquarters!

Perhaps you heard, but this year we turned 50! Sometimes called a golden anniversary, it was indeed an incredible year. For half a century, we have been saving lives; and for half a century, you all have made that possible. Your continued offerings of time, energy, and financial support have provided all of Kansas with compassionate and knowledgeable help and support for five decades, and we’re ready for the next five.

Why was it such an incredible year? We made a monumental change in location, secured several new sources of grant funding, and expanded from 4 employees to 20. While we continue to find our new normal after so many exciting changes, the staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors have plans in motion to continue on this trajectory.

As the incoming Chair of the Board of Directors, I am thrilled with my experience since joining the Board in late 2018. I am in awe of the people who show up and do phenomenal work every day. I am endlessly thankful for your involvement. And I am ready to see what’s next. Many, many thanks, my friends.

Please keep up with us on social media, on our website, through our periodic mailings, and join us at one of our events in 2020. I’ve heard there will be a unicorn at Everybody Day…

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